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    2013 HONOREE INDUSTRY LEADERS In recognition for helping to Drive Michigan's Food & Agriculture Industry Forward and for Making Michigan a Better Place to Live and Work October 17, 2013

    2013 HONOREE DIVERSITY FOCUSED COMPANY in Recognition of Outstanding Leadership in Diversity and Multiculturalism in the State of Michigan Presented on August 22,2013.

    Indulgence People's Choice Award 2013 Metro Detroit's Indulgence Sweets Boutique.

    06/14/2013: Sunset at the Zoo Best In Dessert Item 1st Place Detroit Zoological Society
    06/22/2012: Sunset at the Zoo Best In Dessert Item 1st Place Detroit Zoological Society

    04/07/2013: Let Them Eat Cake Pro-Am Leon & Lulu Professional 1st Place Sugar Free Sweet Potato

    04/01/2012: Let Them Eat Cake Pro-Am Leon & Lulu Professional 1st Place Sugar Free Sweet Potato Cheesecake

    04/01/2012: Let Them Eat Cake Peoples Choice 1st Place Sugar Free Original Cheesecake

    2011 Cattle Baron's Ball: 9th Annual Cattle Baron's Ball Chuck Wagon Award Best In Sweet


    "It was a pleasure meeting you at the awards ceremony in Detroit. Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how much Jim and I enjoyed the cheesecake (I think Jim ate the entire cake before we made it back to St. Joseph). Also, I found your mother to be one of the most delightful people I've ever met. I didn't share with you that I am a writer. I am currently working on a children's book and in this book there is a bakery. I have struggled developing the character for the baker but after meeting you I became inspired again. I would like to use your bakery's name, along with the name Mr. Peteet. I will obviously share the manuscript prior to publishing for your review but wanted to ask your approval first. Let me know your thoughts. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family." —Cheri Anderson, The Writers Loft


    "Good morning, my wife and I visited your shop on this past Saturday to redeem a gift certificate she had won, We drove from Garden City. Let me say that it was well worth the drive as your cheescakes ( we got 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 turtle) were THE BEST CHEESCAKES We have ever tasted. I also bought 2 chocolate chip cookies to snack on during the ride home, they were fantastic as well. You have gained a customer for life as we will definitely be back again and again and we look forward to sampling all the different varieties of cheescake you offer. Once Again GREAT Cheescakes. Thanks!"

    — Sam A., Garden City, MI


    "I could not let another day go by and not let you know how well satisfied I was with your cheesecake. I bought 3 cheesecake cupcakes and a half of strawberry shortcake vodka. I was only going to get the 3 cupcakes but the gentlemen behind the counter he just had to offer samples. The flavor of the strawberry shortcake vodka just lingered in my mouth that I had to have more. I shared with my 2 sisters and both very satisfied as well. I can't wait to come back and try the sugar free ones. Great Job!!!!"

    —Karen Jones, Detroit, MI


    "This is an excellent place for a creamy, smooth cheesecake in a tasty graham cracker crust. This is not a chalky, New York style thick slab of cheesecake. They serve smooth, moderately sized pieces of dessert goodness. I have tried a few of their flavors and the "Appletini" flavored cheesecake was spectacular...fresh, smooth, soft and creamy with a pleasant green apple flavor that was not too overpowering. I would definitely get another slice of this flavor any time it is available.


    The store is very clean and the free samples help customers decide which flavors they would like a whole slice of. There are always slices available from a variety of flavors and whole cakes are available behind the glass as well. The prices reflect the premium product they sell, so a whole cheesecake is a little expensive, but the people you share these tasty treats with will be so happy you purchased quality over quantity."

    —Adela B., Hamtramck, MI


    "Wow! Absolutely fantastic experience. Super friendly. Located in an oldish strip mall, the store looks clean and new. Very cute and cozy inside with a couple of tables. A bakery case shows slices and whole cheesecakes. I'm not sure if we were helped by the owner or an employee, but there was obvious pride in his product. He pulled out samples for 4 different flavors and insisted we taste all 4. There were many other flavors in the case, from strawberry to margarita (with real tequila) I ended up getting a slice of Sweet Potato (sublime, light, creamy) and my son got Red Velvet (a little denser, so tasty). The slices are perfect size. Will definitely go back." —Mitch A. Huntington Woods, MI


    "I visited your establishment a few weeks ago. I had heard of you on the news and I was curious because I have family in your area on Westhampton st.. I am very pleased to say that I am well satisfied with your business and I hope it builds up for generations to come! I bought the cheesecake brownie and sampled some flavors of cheesecake. I wasn't in a sweets mood that day, but you will definitely see me again...and soon! I look forward to a time when I can sit outside in one of your future locations. I also hope that one day you will offer pies like chocolate mousse and lemon meringue, but these are only my dessert dreams and desires, not necessarily yours!


    "Along with having a great product, the service that you provided was friendly and informative. I do not remember the name of the lady who was at the register, but she had a good knowlege of your products and history. She more than patiently answered my zillion questions.

    "The business was immaculate! Even during the winter your windows were shiny, the floor was clean, and your displays were well organized. So many businesses neglect these details...but not you.


    "The only thing that would impress me more is if you sent me free cheesecake!*:)) laughing


    "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! So glad that you are here! Who needs to go to the Cheesecake Factory?" —Best wishes, sincerest prayers, highest hopes...Jeffrey M.


    "I found your business at a bridal show in 2010 and have been going to Peteets every since. I have told everybody about how great the Cheesecake's are. I now have my Husband and Mother n law. Coming. My sister comes from Southgate for the Cheesecake. I live near Roseville and drive for them. I love them. Thank you."

    —Iris Nicholas. near Roseville.


    "Best cheesecake in Michigan. Period. Awesome different flavors, free samples and nice people. And sweet potato cheesecake. What more could you want? I just wish they were open later."

    —Shanita M., Ferndale, MI


    "I previously reviewed their banana cream cheesecake as amazing but went back today because its Fat Tuesday. Peteets was advertising "cheesecake packzis" so I took a year off from Hamtramack. And I'm never going back! I thought it might be impossible to unseat the Polish King of pastries but you've never had anything like a cheesecake packzi. Perfect."

    —Dawn V., Bloomfield Township, MI


    "I love Cheesecake, so I feel like a connoisseur, and Peteets has made it to the top of my list. The choices are amazing; the quality is superb!! Love this place and highly recommend it; will definitely make repeated trips for more."

    —Laveria D., Detroit, MI


    "These people care about what they do. Exceptional quality. The crust. The filling. The stuff on top of the filling. The whipped creamy stuff on the top of that. Just plain delicious. I tried to take a slice home and it didn't make it. Another time I tried to save a piece of my slice to share with my sister, but it just kept shrinking on the way home. Don't let the small size fool you. The other places might have the big jumbo cakes with all the froo froo on top, but they are no competition. Peteet's cheesecakes have the flavor and the texture that is such a pleasure to the palate."

    —Nikki R., Romulus, MI


    "Decadent cheesecake. I found this place after I donated plasma and waiting on a friend to get out of the Pharmacy next door. I got the Oreo Cookies Cheesecake, which was absolutely out of this world. I also had one of their cheesecake brownies which is frickin' awesome. This place is nothing short of amazing. It is worth every penny, not to mention they accept the Bridge Card (Food Stamps), so you can make it out of there with a cheesecake even if you don't have the cash! Amazing place!!! I hope they open more locations closer to where I stay in Lincoln Park."

    —Michael G., Boynton Beach, FL


    "Visited here for the first time today after stumbling across a flyer at my job. Upon arriving at the quaint storefront, I was greeted ever-so warmly by a man who I discover later is an owner of the establishment, he offered me samples which I graciously accepted while he went to prepare my order. Let me say I was not prepared for those delicious little morsels. Made me want to holler out and add more things on to my order but I fought that temptation. I loved the atmosphere. There are a few dining tables and chairs to sit and enjoy the delicious treats. Needless to say, I purchased 2 slices and finished one before I even got to the freeway! I am in heaven! Overall an excellent experience, maybe a little high on the pricing but then again, you can't really put a price on great cheesecake!"

    —Tiffany C., Warren, MI


    "Three words: sweet potato cheesecake. Go on, order some, and you will be done with the rest of the review. Now, moving right along, I've driven by Peteet's probably every working day since October but didn't have the chance to sample them until I went to the Yelp! year-end bash at Detroit Yacht Club. To add to a magical setting and many lovely people, I had a chance to have a tiny bite of this enchanting cheesecake. It damn near melted on my tongue. I closed my eyes, ignored the half-naked burlesque dancers strutting on the stage, and let my thoughts dissolve into feline bliss. This is the stuff that children live for, and adults too often let pass them by. Damn. Good. Cheesecake."

    —Heather J., Ferndale, MI


    "Absolutely delicious cheesecake AND warm, friendly, helpful service. I'll be back..in fact...I may become a too frequent regular!"

    —Wendy S., Birmingham, MI


    "GRRRREAT cake!! Hey Patrick, ever thought about adding rice and bread pudding to your menu. The lady's at work are clamoring for a place to get REAL baked rice pudding and bread pudding. The cheesecakes are the best and the family that runs this establishment are great folks. Be back to see you again soon."

    —Eatmore T., Detroit, MI


    "I love cheesecake, but I had never had cheesecake like THIS before. I love the sweet potato cheesecake, which I had for the first time a week before Thanksgiving. It gave me even more to be thankful for! This is a family owned and operated establishment that has taken a family recipe and turned it into a famous product. I can't recommend this place enough. Peteet's has the best cheesecake around (and I used to live in NYC!)." —Rabbi Jason M., West Bloomfield Township, MI


    "Today I took my 8 year old daughter into Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes for her first cheesecake experience and it was one of the best customer service experiences I've had in years. The owner greeted both of us with a huge welcoming smile and really made us feel as if she was welcoming us into her home. She offered samples to my daughter and explained all the types of cheesecakes to her and how they are made. The cheesecake was awesome!!! The variety was great! We have found a new favorite place for special treats!"

    —Virginia D. Shields, Oak Park, MI


    "We drove 2 hours to try this place since cheesecake places are so hard to find. It's nicely decorated and clean, and the cheesecake actually is delicious. The samples do not do the cheesecake justice, the Sweet Potato is great and almost tastes like a spice, the original cheesecake is delicious as well. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the launch of this place in 2010 is quite a great entrepreneurial story and you can tell they have a passion for the business. I also saw a sign that cheesecake ice cream is coming soon!"

    —Jim E., London, ON, Canada


    "To the owner and proprietor now that my co-worker done told me about your establishment, I'm just astound that I don't have to drive to the Cheesecake Factory for cheesecake. I've just had the banana cheesecake and I can't hardly wait to try the strawberry banana cheesecake. Now that I know where your at you best to believe that your business will be booming lol.... My co-worker is trying the Kahlua cheesecake and if its as good as it looks then you will be seeing my face and a whole lot more of it."

    — M. McMorris, US.Army Retired


    "These cheesecakes are without question the absolute best in town. Intensely rich in flavor and exceptionally creamy, there simply is no comparison (Peteet?s makes the Cheesecake Factory look like an Easy Bake oven)."



    "I had the caramel apple cheesecake this morning at work I bought over the weekend. It was wonderful!!!! I will be back." —Rhonda L

    "Rich and delish!"

    —Colette N.


    "The cheesecake here is wonderful. Worth the drive no matter where you are coming from."

    —Andrea B.


    "The best thing about Detroit great atmosphere best cheese cake. ,lots of flavors and excellent customer service."—Fran


    "Yesterday was my first time having Peteet's Cheesecake. I only ordered half of the Caramel Apple and it was gone this afternoon. I'm glad my best friend was in the Oak Park area today because I was ready to drive 30 miles to get another Caramel Apple and a Oreo, I can't wait until she gets home, so I can go get my cheesecakes. This is the cheesecake I ever had!!!!"—Sabrina


    "Absolutely scrumptious!"



    "I'm not one to give a excellent review for bland food. This is CHEESECAKE OVERLOAD, after the beautiful lady who helped me indulged me with more samples than a (R. Kelly remix) :-) I came for a slice of strawberry-cheesecake, but ended up leaving with four slices of everything but strawberry. Can you say peach cobbler, key lime, sweet-potatoe pie, and last but not least RED VELVET!! Thanks to the CHEESECAKE Gods for this place."



    "It was a slice of heaven you need to try this place out very friendly family owned establishment. Every bite was better than the last I mean you can't get better cheesecake. I recommend that you take the time to go and try them out I bet you will be back for more because I know I will and I stay all the way Taylor, MI but it is well worth the drive."



    "I saw Peteete's Cheesecake featured on FOX2 Morning News and couldn't stop thinking about cheesecake. I went and ordered the sweet potato cheesecake. It was the best cheesecake I had ever tasted with creamy, sweet, and a hint of bitter all in one fabulous bite. Will be choosing Peteetes for all my deserts."



    "Discovered them at a Bidal Show on Sunday and been back twice since then and its only Wednesday. Best cheesecake I have ever had!!!!!" —Satina

    "There are too many restaurants/bakeries/bars that are mediocre. I never understand why someone who doesn't know good taste would open a store - Peteet's is exactly the opposite of all that and exactly a store that needs to exist!! The best cheesecake I've ever had. The crust is perfectly thick, the cheesecake perfectly not too dense not too fluffy - and tons of flavor and tons of choices. Also top notch is the service - I really hope that this place survives... if word gets out I think it could be a "famous" Detroit staple. As for price - a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake can cost from $15-$30 and these cheesecakes are FAR FAR superior to those, so I think the price is on point. I can't say enough good things. Go there."



    "So delicious! This place is owned and operated by the kindest mother-son duo. I look forward to going back there not only for the cheesecake, but also their friendly service. All of the cheesecakes that I've tried were fantastic and tasted very homemade and fresh. I've tried a lot, but I haven't even made a dent in the variety of flavors they offer. It's nice because they offer cheesecake cupcakes which allows you to pick and choose different flavors to make up your dozen/half dozen. Can't wait to try more!"



    "I've chosen cheesecake as my favorite dessert and have gone to several stores to buy it, However, my search for the ultimate cheesecake was found on 9mile west of cooledge. While the other's had a reasonable taste to them, it wasn't until I visit Peteet's to determine that Peteet's Famous Cheesecake was the only place to buy a cheesecake. It was it's unique quality and the personality that captured my attention. I visit Peteet's Famous Cheesecake on a regular basis, actually I'm there every week buying different flavors and it's just not one particular kind, they all have that quality you can't find any where else."

    —C. Floyd


    "When it comes to dessert simplicity rules, and the diner-style desserts made at the Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes bakery is completely original, remarkably artistic, and in every way have the best tasting treats I've ever tasted. Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes desserts are well prepared, and reasonably priced for such a great quality of food. Also, the owners (The Peteet's) are some of the most pleasant & down to earth people I've ever met. I Love the atmosphere there, as well as the friendly way each customer is treated individually. I give them a rating of five stars & beyond, and I recommend their bakery to everyone who loves to indulge in PERFECTION!! Thanks PFC ;')"

    —R. Dorsette


    "I found out about Peteet's Cheesecake from B.L.A.C Magazine. Given the fact that I support black business, I wanted to check it out. When I arrived I was greeted with friendly service and the option to try several types of cheesecakes. Who knew the task of choosing a slice of cake would be that difficult? After several minutes of deliberating with my intrigued tastebuds, I chose the sweet potato cheesecake. Then I returned for the five flavor cheesecake and just the other day, I tried the banana flavor. Each flavor was enough to make me buy more as well as tell my friends and family. Therefore, I am now telling Urbanspoon...check out Peteet's for yourself and I guarantee that one of their many flavors will be delectable to your palate." —Ms. A


    "I love there cheescake. I think it is the best cheesecake company here in michigan. I go their every friday and buy a strawbeery cheescake and sample their sweet potato , pineapple samples. They are great!" —Maria

    "One bite of the Lemon cheesecake and I stopped dead in my tracks, my full focus on this most delicious place of heaven. Everything else was on hold, I had to have another bite and another and another. . . .absolutely the best I've ever had. Will be bringing my cooler on my next trip to Detroit to bring it home to Oak Park, IL."



    "These sweets are definitely a worthy treat! I have tried, Strawberry, Turtle, and the lovely Coconut Almond Cheesecake and they all were perfection to my palette. If you like rich taste and good quality, this is a place worth trying. They even have free samples!!!! Stop reading already!! and get going! :) Good job Peteet's."



    "I've been all around the continental United States. One of my favorite dessert dishes since childhood has been strawberry cheescake and I must say that at Peteet's I've had the absolute BEST cheescake I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Unfortunately I live on the West Coast and I have to get them shipped to me when I get a craving or when I have company that enjoys cheesecake as much as myself. If you are priveledged enough to live in the Detroit area you MUST pay a visit to Peteet's famous cheesecake. You will most definitely enjoy!"



    "If you like cheesecake. You will LOVE Peteet's Famous Cheesecake. This is by far the best cheesecake I have ever had!!!!! Prices were nice. The service excellent!!! Very Clean. I was impressed with how rich & flavorful they were. And OVER 90 different FLAVORS...upon request. You MUST Go & Check It Out!!!"



    "ADDICTIVE! Just had to mention that they are killing me with new flavors. Always great service & I am in love with the Caramel Apple Cheesecake. Fresh apple pie filling layer + cheesecake = HAPPY TIMES! I just found out when I went recently that they are rolling out (drum roll please): RED VELVET CHEESECAKE & EGGNOG CHEESECAKE!!! Never heard of them before, but I will be the 1st to try it. Yummy!"



    "Flavorful. Homemade style Graham Cracker crust. Creamy. 'Hand whipped' whipped cream. Peach Cobbler Cheesecake. Scentabulous.

    "Okay, just wanted to throw some keywords out there. I stumbled upon this cheesecake bakery by sheer happenstance. Please note, free samples of cheesecake are offered! I tried the blueberry, eggnog (flavored with real bourbon and you can taste it), strawberry, peach cobbler, and red velvet which is chocolate morphed into mouthbliss. When one of the owners said they plan on rolling out 30 flavors each month I jumped up and down. I can't think of a better reaction to that news. Try a slice of your favorite flavor (mine is the pineapple) and then try the cupcake sized cheesecake. The outer layer on my cupcake was strawberry flavored cheesecake, while the inside was filled with a vanilla cheesecake base. Let your tastebuds jump up and down to that. Also, some of the proceeds from the cupcakes go to the Children's Hospital Cancer Center."



    "SWEET POTATO CHEESECAKE It's having the best of both worlds in one slice. Now a holiday tradition in my family! BRAVO!" —Dorothy W

    "I read about this place a few days ago in the Free Press (link below) and decided to give it a try because 1. I had a craving for cheesecake, and 2. I like to support local businesses. Excellent cheesecake. It is nice to see new businesses open up at the 9 mile and Coolidge intersection especially while the economy is still struggling."


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